'mama' neckpiece 2011 brass, porcelain, goat hair
Wilmot Web sm.jpg
'vortex' neckpiece 2014 latex, neoprene, 925
'earth thumbprints' bowl and coolamon brooches 2014 oxidised 925
'ramblings' brooch 2013 corrugated copper #blue/green patina
'folded light' 2016 mother of pearl, oxidised 925
'dead man's fingers' neckpiece 2017 porcelain, brass, nitrile, from 'Solastalgia' photo: Sona Sood
'attachments' neckpiece 2018 stainless steel
'bent paper clip' earring 2018 brass
'black fire brooches' 2019 porcelain, silver, acrylic
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